Help with pond waterfall feature please ?

I have a small 125g pond that I keep some fish in and then a 30 g pond above it with a few water spouts that spit water to the lower 125g pond.   I want to take out the upper pond and buy a pond liner and build a larger upper pond for the plants but I want a better larger waterfall coming from the upper pond going to the lower pond.   I have the pump from the lower pond pumping water to the upper pond.    

My question is if I use a pond liner for the upper pond how can I make a waterfall feature that will flow to the lower pond ?    Here is a pic of what I have now the lower pond will stay the same but the upper pond will be built up with brick and a liner inside.  I think the upper pond will be about 4x5x18”.    I know how to make the upper plant pond I just can’t figure out a waterfall to lower pond?

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    When  you use the pond liner you dig out or build the soil up in the shape you want and overlap the new pond liner into the lower pond and around the edges to form a mound so the water flows and stays in.Your basically sculpturing the soil.Then try to find flat rocks for your waterfall.Where the water gets pumped out to the waterfall use a small piece of pvc  pipe and make a T and then a U in the direction of the flow and put it under the top rock and seal the crack so the water can only go in one direction.You will figure it out You can use a black silicone made for ponds or a bit of cement to direct the of flow of water.If your going to use those unilock paving stones then you don;t need to build up the soil around it. Btw It will look a lot nicer if you use natural stones/rocks.

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      Thank you. Dry much 

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