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What are you experiences with having sex after a long time of not seeing each other?

I haven't seen my FWB for three months. I'm gonna see her again in a few days. Would it be inappropriate of me to go for sex the first time I see her again? I don't think it's gonna be awkward (we have video chatted a lot during the lockdown, it never got sexual though), but maybe she expects us to get to know each other again first?  Please don't answer with 'just ask her'. I just want to know what your experiences are and if it would be inappropriate of me to go for sex once I see her again.


It's not like I don't want to ask her, but like I said, I just wanted to know if it would be appropriate to go for sex. I care about consent a lot, of course I would back off if I noticed she didn't want.

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    If you’re just FWB then I don’t see why it would be a problem? If that’s what you used to do and the terms of the relationship haven’t changed then just be as you were before. If she doesn’t want that hopefully she speaks up or you pick up on it.. if it was me, after not having sex for that long it’s the first thing Id be wanting from a fwb.

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  • Murzy
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    Always go for it. What is the worst that can happen? You get turned down? You get slapped?

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  • The correct answer is to discuss this with her.  Sorry, but this is what adults do, and if you're going to have a sexual relationship with someone, this is part of it.'s called consent. ASK FOR IT.  You know what makes for a great sexual experience?  When both parties CONSENT to having sex. I don't know your relationship dynamic (nor do I care to), but ideally you'd meet for a drink and maybe a meal...and if things are going well you could suggest going back to your place (or hers) for a nightcap and see what she says.  

    You know what's sexy?  Confidence.  Being able to act like a man and have these adult conversations in a respectful manner with your FWB. If she says "yes" then great!  If she's not ready, that's okay too and you let her know "thanks for being honest with was great seeing you and hope we can do it again".

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  • Anonymous
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    you're just fwb. the only thing you two do is have sex. if you're not having sex, then why the hell are you seeing her? i don't have experiences with this because i actually value the person i want to have sex with and make sure i'm in a serious relationship with them, love them, and not just sticking things anywhere...

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