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How to paint uneven surface ?

So I’ll start by saying I know nothing about painting... we rent a property and put up a decorative stick and peel backsplash on our kitchen. Now I have to remove it and when I do so some areas are pulling off paint, and some right down to the drywall. I’ve been told I need to sand this and then paint, but how would I do that? Would I sand right down to the drywall in the whole area? Or just sand areas that need it to make it look even? And then I was planning on colour matching and painting with a high quality paint / primer. Any help / suggestions / tips would be appreciated 

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    Sand the whole area, but you don't need to remove all the existing paint.  Just make sure you have a smooth surface.  If there are dips in the surface, fill them with a fine surface filler and sand it smooth once it's fully dry.  If you're using a water-based paint, you don't need to use a primer, but you'll probably need 2 or 3 coats.  Oil-based paints require a primer on any areas that are not already painted.

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