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why is my Harlequin Rasbora gasping for air?

I just got a group of 6 yesterday (I plan on getting more that's just all the pet store had) and one out of the six looks like its constantly breathing heavily but the others aren't. it occasionally distances itself from the school but generally it is acting fine other than that. should I be worried? 


he has not eaten anything in the past day

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    Sometimes a fish or 2 are less healthy, Is it eating?  Eating is a big thing, keep him eating and he might recover.  Look for more temptimg food like frozen brine shrimp or bloodworns.  New life spectrum foods are infused with garlic and tempting to fish on the down low.  you can also soak fish food in galric.  

    If he doesnt make it, save the body, they usually will refund your money, depends on the store policy, sorry to be morbid.

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