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When will social distancing in the UK end?

I've been thinking. Lockdown will be over soon enough but i'm certain social distancing will still be in place long after. How long can they realistically implement social distancing for? When will it be over.

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    Everybody is stressed out now. This new mutant virus is strange, too much we don't know about it, and we are all learning what's what with this. It's a test of your "moral fiber," if you want to call it that, your character. You need resilience, flexibility, and above all, patience. Take a deep breath & chill. Call a friend or family member and ask how are you, do you need anything. Focus on caring about others - it actually helps you cope!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It will end as soon as a reasonably effective vaccine is available, which should be within a year.  In the meantime we mainly need to be careful to reduce the chances of exposure for people actually at risk of dying, who are the people already in fragile health. 

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      Remember what happened with initial Swine Flu vaccine - worse than that flu. It can take time to develop a good vaccine. Quick & readily available treatment could be more beneficial, especially in the short term.

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    1 month ago

    Until there is  nationwide instant testing, or a vaccine available. Expect it to continue into next year.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Since 'Cummingsgate' many people have taken the view that the government is happy for people to interpret the rules as loosely as they like. This could be seen over the weekend when social distancing was was largely abandoned by people who had travelled to the beaches and other visitor attractions to enjoy the sunshine.

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