Who should I contact for this job?

My mother gave me a jewelry box that had a beautiful design on the outside. While this was not a sentimental object, I really loved the look of it. While I was out of the house, one of my housemates painted over the design with regular craft paint. It had dried and I did not want to try to remove the paint myself in fear that it would ruin the design underneath the paint. I would love to return in back to its original design and I was thinking of calling a restoration professional but they seem to be more focused on water damage and that type. Does anyone know the correct professional to call about fixing this? Better yet, is it even possible to fix? Thank you.

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    Contact several antique stores and ask this & for a recommendation--there are many kinds of restorers, even a furniture finisher may be able to help

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