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How similar are Cheerleaders irl are to the Cheerleaders seen on Disney Tv shows and Movies?

I'm not referring to how mean they are.

Because in both Disney Content, in Real life. There are times where you'll find kind, mean Cheerleaders. So what I am referring to is how it all works. Also are there Cheerleader Team/Squads that are also like that outside of High school or even outside of School Completely.

I went to a school that didn't have Cheerleaders. So I never got the chance to be one during high school plus the reasoning was also how my life was. 

Therefore I'm considering on being one now. I'm 24 turning 25. Therefore I'm hoping that if I go for it. That it's possible that it will be pretty similar to what I've seen on TV. Btw it's got to be Basketball and the uncommon ovations of Soccer. Not Football. I'm not interested in it and I want nothing to do with it. PS I'm not the Dress  Uniform type only the pleated Skirt type. Most importantly, Transgenders have to be Supported. Hopefully I put enough info to get a good answer ^_^


*Uncommon Occasions. 

Not Ovations. Auto correct -_-

Update 2:

Pretty much just the: The things they get to do, the type of uniforms. Also I'm aware of the fact that they aren't 100% accurate. Just want to know how similar are they

Update 3:

To be honest im not in school anymore therefore Cheerleading with schools info only is useless in my possision

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  • Dave
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    1 month ago

    Nothing in Disney or any other movie has anything to do with reality.  

    • Olive1 month agoReport

      I see what you're getting at. Thanks for your attempt. Side note: Although I saw what you meant. This is a Question towards the Females so unless you are one please step out. I'm not assuming your gender so please don't miss understand me. Thanks ^_^

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