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chances of pregnancy?

boyfriend and I had sex twice this month. One was 8 days before my predicted period, we used a condom and he didn’t finish. Second time we used a condom and he did finish, and like always we checked the condom and it didn’t seem to be leaking. My periods have been irregular for a while and is now 11 days late. Is there any chance of pregnancy or am I stressing over nothing?


he also pulled out before ejaculation.

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    Chance? Yes.  Likely? No.  Just take a test for crying out loud.  If your cycle is irregular, then you can't know that your are 11 days late.  You might not be late at all.  

    The only way to know is to take a HPT.  Get a few. Test tomorrow AM.  If it is positive then, there you are.  If it is not, test again every 2-3 days until you either get your period or get a positive.  

    Unfortunately there is no way around this.  Your other options are to assume you are not pregnant and wait until you have a period or call your ob/gyn and go in for an exam and blood test.  

    If your cycle is not regular and you ar sexually active, you might want to talk with your ob/gyn about going on the pill to help regulate your cycle and provide better protection against pregnancy. 

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    1 month ago

    Sex always introduces the risk of conception.

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