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Cracked phone screen input?

So I was in a hurry this afternoon, trying to get to my doctor's appointment on time. I was battling with the door (the lock needs replaced and it's a pain in the butt to lock), and managed to drop my dang Samsung Galaxy S10+. Of course, even that small drop on cement cracked the freaking screen towards the bottom. I took it to my service provider and they told me they did no such repairs, but gave me a name of a place in the area who did. I went to that place and the guy told me he could absolutely fix it... but for a very high fee. I told him to go ahead. I should get my new screen within a day or two and have my phone fixed as soon as the screen is in.

Now my question, is my actual phone itself ok? I showed the guy at the repair shop and he said he was pretty confident that it was JUST the screen and would all be fine once he replaced it. It's hard to use cracked obviously. It is on, but it's hard to get it to do stuff correctly. 

What are the odds something happened to the board inside? I just want to ensure my phone and all its data is safe. I have a few things I haven't backed up/saved yet that I'd be devastated to lose. So should my phone be 100% normal once the screen is replaced? Is that why it is looking and behaving a little off - due to the cracks? How would I know if the actual phone had damage to the board or other important internal parts?


Thank you so much. I know I should have put the freaking thing in my purse, but like I said, I was trying to do 100 things at once and scatter to my appointment ASAP. It was just one of this crappy life moments. It does work. Like when I plug it in (it's hard to swipe up to unlock it otherwise), it comes up fine, I enter my passcode and I can do whatever. Just certain keys and stuff are hard to access due to the location of the cracks.

Update 2:

It still makes phone noises and still takes screenshots. When I was at the doctor's office awaiting my turn to be seen, I was playing with it and checking it to see just how bad I may have harmed it. I practiced taking lots of screenshots and they all went. So I do believe it is likely ok and will be 100% once the new screen is on. I just fear the board inside may be damaged. It likely wouldn't work so well if that were the case though, right?

Update 3:

I tested my sounds on it and the alarm sounds perfectly normal, the vibrate feature sounds normal. So that's a good sign that my phone itself and the board is ok, right?

Update 4:

Got it fixed Wednesday finally and yeah, it was 100% just the screen. All is well now, but I'm still frustrated over the expensive cost.

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    In most cases all that needs to replaced is the screen which you touch and or digitizer under it, the part that reacts to your touch. If there is more repair needed, the shop will know once they get the screen properly installed. But if it's writing now, it should be fine once the screen is replaced.

    Tip for the future, while walking or fiddling with doors and other things in your hands, put the phone in your pocket/bag or get a lanyard case/pouch to hang out around your neck. 

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