Can’t seem to get a Job?

I’m a college student who just finished freshman year and I’ve tried getting a job during this summer.

I used to work for a fast food restaurant during High School but I quit due to school and poor management. I also got put under a hiring agency for temporary work freshman year of college but it ended up being a waste of time for many reasons I won’t list.

It’s been three years since I have worked and I’m struggling to get anyone to acknowledge me. I thought the Covid was the reason why people weren’t hiring, but just recently my little brother who has no experience got a job. Literally after going to one interview for a fast food restaurant he got one. 

Me? I’ve been sending out applications left and right to all kinds of chain stores and restaurants in my area. When I’m lucky enough to get an interview, I try my best to sound appealing to the interviewer. I’m willing to work minimum wage and keep availability open but no luck. I’m so tired of being told “we’ll get back to you within the week” and then never getting a response. It just isn’t fair and my parents are telling me that I’m not trying hard enough. Bullshit. Many of my friends have jobs and are making some good money. It’s hurting my self esteem and I feel like such a bum living with my parents and being unable to work. The fact that my brother got a job without trying but I haven’t after all my efforts infuriates me. 

Any advice would be appreciated but I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

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  • 1 month ago

    Most companies are figuring out if they will actually have customers if they re-open and other companies are realizing they will have to lay off MORE people just to stay open.

    Some companies are just calling it quits and closing down.

    The unemployment rate is at 25%...that means that there are a dozen people MORE QUALIFIED than you applying for every job you are applying for.

    So when you apply for a job you are in direct competition with:

    #1 The people the company laid  off earlier this year

    #2 The people who are unemployed and are more qualified than you.

    #3 The people who are just as qualified as you...but are willing to work for less.

    And then you have to consider that the employer may decide to not hire anyone until they can be certain they will have a business in 3 months.

    Your best bet is to apply for jobs no one wants.  Trash collector, sewage worker,   street cleaner.  

    You go out and apply for every job you see.  The first one that hires you, you be thankful and you do everything you can to KEEP that job as there will not be a lot of them around.

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      I just read your WHOLE THING.   You have a bad attitude.  It probably comes out in the interviews.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You mat not have noticed, we are in the middle of a pandemic and millions are out of work.

    You had a job and QUIT. You are not competent to identify poor management.

    Keep trying. My niece applied for her 2nd job that is in addition to her full time job. And the assistant manager said the manager would call her. He did not. So she went back and the assistant hired her on the spot.

    Apply IN PERSON. Not online.

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