Is Carmel, Indianapolis racistish?

Hi all, I'm considering a position near Carmel, IN. Is anyone from the area able to provide feedback as to the level of racism we as a mixed-race family might experience there? I'm Latino, my wife is Asian and we have a set of mixed-race children. We're excited about the opportunity to live in an amazing part of the country but we are concerned about the possible racism we might experience there. I'm hoping I'm just an idiot but want to get your perspective. We're republicans, and we are both hard-working and very religious so I feel like we'd fit in (in terms of viewpoints) but we're not living in a perfect world, so we're hoping some of you can provide some feedback. Thanks in advance!


Sorry, just realized my question states Indianapolis, but I meant Carmel, Indiana

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    idk, you may want to be careful. People there may know that Indianapolis means city of Indios. And the US national motto is written in "lingua latina". They may feel only full European descendants should be using that word since that's the most honest historic definition.

    Of course that's not really racist, it's just supporting the "whole truth and nothing but". Something we could all use a lot more of now right now.

    e pluribus unum

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