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Should I take a protein shake?

I’m not overweight I’m just not fit with a little bit of body fat. I started to exercise to be fit so my question is should I take a protein shake even though my workouts aren’t hard core? Will it help lose my body fat or will it make me gain weight?


I forgot to say I’m a 18 yr female

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    If you're not doing anything that focuses on any kind of muscle training then i wouldn't. The only things that will help you lose body fat are burning more than consume, being consistent with diet and exercise with two rest days a week, and honestly just being patient because it takes time to lose body fat but when you eat healthy you're gonna see your results faster because it's healthier and healthier food is usually lower in calories than processed food, it keeps you full longer, and it keeps you from overeating or snacking too often because of the fact that you feel full longer. Also chloe ting has good workouts for all kinds of fitness goals you can look up chloe ting on youtube and her workouts are completely free and effective. Hope this helps and good luck.

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