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my boyfriend is tired of me being fat and wants me to lose weight. I want to but lack motivation?

I don't want to lose him because of my weight. I have a big gut that I cant get rid of. He says he loves me except for the big gut. He says I need to cut back on the rice. In my cultre we eat a lot of rice and beans. How to start. Losing weight also make you look younger

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    Don’t lose weight for him! If you want to lose weight, that’s fine, but make sure you do it in a healthy way by eating healthier. You could start by incorporating heart-healthy foods like salmon. I assume you like rice and beans since you said you eat them. They are both good for you in moderation but I wouldn’t say eating then every day. Start with once a week and slowly lesson the amount you eat of those foods. (it’s okay to have sweets and other unhealthy foods once in a while Though) And exercise( all depending on your lifestyle) but the most important thing is that you want to lose weight for YOU not for him. 

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    First your, eat fewer calories. Second exercise, even if it's 15 minutes every other day you'll still make progress.

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    If you're not even overweight or if you don't wanna lose any weight then you're not required to do it. Your bf sounds rude. If he doesn't like you how you are then maybe he doesn't deserve you. 

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