I can’t play music nor can I really read it but can write lyrics, how do I get them to a record company? Curious?

I’ve written tons of songs over the years, but have nothing to do with them, don’t wanna toss them out. How do send them out? Do record companies not take just lyrics anymore and want the whole package, music included, or do they take lyrics only too? I can’t learn music to save my life, but I’m great at writing and putting melodies to words. I know tins about musicians and music in general and I have yet to find an outlet for my work, every contest I’ve seen requires a video performance or mp3 or WAV, which I can’t do unless badly accopella

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  • Tony B
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The only people who might be interested in lyrics would be a composer who struggled to write lyrics - a record company certainly wouldn't want them.

    If you've composed songs though why send just the lyrics to anyone? There are more people going to be interested in songs than just lyrics. 

    Unless you are a performer and have at least made some decent demos record companies aren't normally going to be interested in complete songs either.

    The first step if you want an outlet for your music would be to record some basic demos, otherwise no one will know what you have. If, as you say, you can't play music then you need to work with someone who can.

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