A researcher suggests that women prefer men who have allele A for a particular gene compared to men who have allele B. What would you expect to be true about this gene?

a). Men are more likely to pass down allele A than allele B.

b). Women are more likely to pass down allele A than allele B.

c). Allele A is more likely than allele B to be dominant.

d). Allele B is more likely than allele A to be dominant.

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    None of those listed and not enough information to give a good answer anyway.

    Rejecting a) and b) right away.  We weren't given the relative frequencies of the alleles in the population.  If one allele has a much higher frequency than the other, then that's the one that's more likely to be passed down.

    Rejecting c) and d).  We weren't told whether these are classic Mendelian or something else such as codominant or incomplete dominance or sex-linked or whatever.

    o Your teacher should re-word the question.

    o Your teacher shouldn't ask thought questions like this in a multiple choice format

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