How can men today protect themselves from TOXIC FEMININITY...?

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    1 month ago
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    Stay away from toxic fumes of women by wearing special mgtow mask and staying inside their homes.

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  • 1 month ago

    "How can men today protect themselves from TOXIC FEMININITY...?"

    Feminists keep trying to socially engineer the so-called "toxic masculinity" out of males through indoctrination type social engineering programs as well as through shaming in the culture.  There isn't a chance anywhere in the West that someone in power, a male or female politician for example, would dare try to do this to women.  So the only option is to stay far away from anyone showing themselves to be "toxic".

    But what does toxic femininity even mean?  If we were to use the same feminist standard as they used for toxic masculinity then we could say that to avoid toxic femininity, women should drop their gender roles that harm men and women as well.

    This would be the traditional ideas that men owe women anything at all for sex instead of the modern equality idea that only sex is traded for sex in and of itself. It means that women should pro-actively approach and ask out men when they like them despite any fear of rejection. Just a couple of the many possible examples.

    As you can see, what feminists define as being toxic to any gender, are the normal, heterosexual behaviors that have been displayed since time immemorial. This is why I do not ascribe to "feminist theories" like Toxic Masculinity.


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  • 1 month ago

    Part of the idea of toxic femininity is that men can't defend themselves from it. These women want to be the tough guy, but don't want to take the hit like one. You can't really do much there can you?

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