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is it illegal to use chat sites to catch preditors, i saw some people doing it and wanted to help them but i am not sure it is legal ?

i am worried it is illegal because it involves catfishing some one, and i was informed that is illegal.

is it legal to use chat sites to catch predetors so i can show where they are to the fbi?

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  • 1 month ago

    There are lots of groups of people that do that. It isn't illegal where I am at, in Texas. Nor is it illegal in Oklahoma, as far as criminal charges are concerned. But you should look into the Oklahoma Predator Prevention. Far as I know they are still going through a long legal matter in Oklahoma where someone they were trying to catch or did catch filed a defamation law suit against them and is seeking in excess of $10,000. You could even google "Oklahoma Predator Prevention in trouble" and I am sure you will find some news video clips. Even the news referred to the group as "vigilantes".

    • Iron heart1 month agoReport

      ah thank you for this info,i will do so

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you really "want to help," then volunteer at your local hospital, animal shelter, Red Cross, Big Brothers and Sisters, etc.  Leave the criminal catching to the police.

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    • Iron heart1 month agoReport

      you need a car to volenteer at big bros and sis's{the cps site}
      and no one would volenteer at the hospital in the middle of covid who is not trained to do so

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  • 1 month ago

    Generally speaking, catfishing is not illegal...that being said, I would suggest you leave the law enforcement to the law enforcement professionals.  Whatever "evidence" you collect would probably not be admissible in a court anyway, so it would likely do more harm than good to interfere.

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