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Can I file a lawsuit against police for grabbing my genitals?

I'm sure that's illegal. Especially since they stopped on profiling basis without doing anything


I really don't want money just want  police to stop violating peoples rights. 

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    If you think they did it for fun, you are sorely mistaken. They were looking for drugs or weapons. If they grabbed your nuts and starting laughing about raisins, that's your problem.

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    That's going to be hard to prove. And even if you could, there are administrative hoops you have to jump before you're allowed to sue the police, which is a state actor. As a state actor, police generally have sovereign immunity.

    Even if they did grab your junk, if it was incidental to a legitimate search based on probable cause, you're not going to get far. I don't remember what the specific rules were regarding stop and searches, but generally, the police are given great benefit of the doubt. 

    To do otherwise would greatly undermine their ability to enforce the law. I'm not saying police don't do bad things--they do it all the time--but for the sake of the officers who do their jobs with honor and dignity, bringing facetious lawsuits in the name of protecting imagined rights will tie their hands when we really need them. As a result of lawsuits, the Supreme Court has already ruled that the police have no duty to save our lives. Facetious arguments like this will only serve to erode their effectiveness.

    Furthermore, people have a lot fewer rights than they think they do. Or at least greatly misunderstand what their rights are.

    *I am a CA licensed attorney; the information above is not legal advice but general information, only. No communication with me shall establish an attorney-client relationship. Why am I here? Because I am bored, need a social life, and trying to make sure my law school knowledge isn't completely gone.*

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    Stop trying to get free money you loser, there is something called hard work you know.

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