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Can someone give me things about bullys?

I had this friend he is a weird me and him use to drink all the time I was depressed and signed myself into a mental hospital I got sober when I reconnected with my fromer friend he would say why did you sign yourself into a mental hospital I have bad anxiety I can't leave the house blah blah. He would say things to bring me down Infront of people but I know he is jealous because I'm not an alcoholic anymore he can see my potential and I have heard he has been doing worse to young boys and he was arguing with his sister and threated to hit her. I'm not going back to see him he's just a coward who is inscure weak minded. Bullying young boys and he is a grown man trying to put little boys down because their above him that is the saddest part I feel sorry for him Bully's can only put a good act on when they can and the last time I seen him I told him I stop taking my meds because they were messing with my mind and he was saying some nasty things to me things I know are not true I just smiled and walked away how drunk he was I thought god shake is that what I was like except I'm not a fool tbh I not sure if he ment it or its because he's jealous and can't handle his drink the guy doesn't realise when he does this and tells lies he's making fool of himself

TBH I think he done this because I told him I'm not taking meds anymore and he must of thought he could lower my self wroth I find it funny also I want to understand why he acts this way

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  • 5 months ago

    Your friend sounds very toxic.

    It sounds as though you are far more intelligent than he is.

  • 5 months ago

    im not sure if I really understood what you were saying, but maybe he wishes he could stop drinking like you did, and get his life back together like you did. but then again, he may not really want to stop drinking, so he tries to pull you down and make you feel bad about yourself so maybe he will have a "drinking buddy" again. im sorry he is treating you that way. you did the right thing and did what is best for you. I would cut back contact if not cut it all off with him. he doesn't sound like a very good friend. or, you could sit him down and ask him if he needs help quitting, and maybe if you sit him down and talk with him, he will open up to you. 

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