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is this whole Black Lives Matter just an excuse to steal?

George Floyd resisted arrest, that is why the cops had to hold him down, while the cop was probably wrong in what he did, there is no proof he killed him because he was black, it was more like ignorance on the cops part and he killed him as a result

now we are seeing massive looting, and it is essentially all blacks at this point, you can't shoot them or else they will come back at you and say "oh look you can't shoot a black person for stealing!" and after what happened with George Floyd most people are to scared to stick up to them

so is this whole George Floyd thing just an excuse to steal? same think with Rodney King, if you look at the evidence you will see the cops were probably in the right what they did (Rodney King led police on a high speed chase and than when the cops caught him he resisted arrest and they had to beat him in order to restrain him)

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    Career criminal George Floyd would be honored by his Brothers looting and burning Blue cities across the US .

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