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Which sequence of activity involving gestures, words, and a religious object in the Catholic Church, is central to?

extreme unction.


the Eucharist.

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    Extreme Unction: The imposition of hands over the person, anointing of chrism oil blessed by the bishop (and contained in chrismaria) applied with the sign of the cross on the hands and then the head, giving of the Holy Eucharist (depending on situation). James 5:14-15.

    Penance: Examination of conscience by the penitent, penitent enters confession area (though not really required) sign of the cross, short prayer that God is with confessor and penitent- and that a good confession will be made, mention of time since last confession, confession of sins in number and kind, short pastoral guidance (if needed), recitation of an Act of Contrition, absolution by God through the words of the priest, blessing by priest, penitent performs his/her penance (usually prayer- but maybe some act of reconciliation).John 20:22-23.


    Religious objects: crucifix, altar, tabernacle, wheat wafers, red wine, missal, gold-lined pyx, gold-lined paten, gold-lined Ciboria, gold-lined chalice, corporal, purificator, pall, cruets, lavabo, and consecration bells.

    Gestures: Sign of the cross, offering of gifts, bowing, genuflecting, kneeling, orans position (priest only!), clasped hands (people), giving of peace (usually shaking hands between people), kissing of the altar (priest only), communion line, and singing hymns.

    Words: There are too many to list word-for-word. But they are all prayers (in fact the entire mass is one big prayer). During the Liturgy of the Eucharist, these are the prayers in their order:  Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts, Invitation to Prayer, Prayer Over the Offerings, The Eucharistic Prayer (which includes- Preface Dialogue, Preface, Preface Acclamation, the Sanctus, Mystery of Faith, Concluding Doxology), The Communion Rite (which includes the Lord's Prayer, Sign of Peace, Lamb of God, Invitation to Communion, Communion, Prayer after Communion). John chapter 6, Mark 14:22-25, Mt 26:26-28, 1 Cor. 11:23-31, Exodus 16:1–36,  Exodus 25:30,  Leviticus 24:5–9

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    Extreme Unction: Anointing with oil, prayer. Penance: Repentance, confession, absolution, satisfaction.

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