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Competitive Athlete Struggling With Anorexia...Help?

Hi. I play tennis and it is pretty much my whole life. I play competitively and am planning to pursue tennis at an ivy league college. However, these past few months I have been really struggling with an eating disorder. I haven't officially been diagnosed with anorexia, but I've never been such a low weight in my life, my hair has started to fall out in clumps, I lost getting my period, and I look very tired all of the time. My parents are both doctors and are busy a lot, so they are gone most of the day and we rarely have dinner or do stuff together. Anyway, I've still been playing tennis (in an outdoor park due to Covid) and yesterday my coach (he's a younger guy in his late 20s) sat me down during my private lesson and said he was very worried about me. He commented on my weight loss and how I don't seem the same anymore. He said he wants to help me and it hurts him to see me how thin I've become. I started breaking down and got pretty mad. I told him I was fine and how I am here to play tennis and that he didn't need to butt into my life. I was pretty rude and I feel awful. I left practice after he expressed his concerns and drove away. I feel horrible. I know that he just wants to help. He's been texting me and I don't even know how to respond. He is going to talk with my parents too and I think he already arranged with my mom to come to the house this week. How should I go about this? I know I need help and need to get better, but it's so hard.

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