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Me and this guy are at a crossroads. I want a relationship he wants casual. Is there any way of changing this in my favor?

I’ve been really clear about what I want. He’s been on the fence. I wouldn’t say it’s an outright no from him but he has been on and off. Giving mixed signals and so on 

Again we had the talk (not the first time) and again I told him what it is that I wanted. This time I was more firm and almost indifferent with my feelings

He stepped up for a few days. Showed clear interest. But then fell back to his old ways 

I didn’t react pressure or pursue (which I have done in the past) I again remained indifferent. He told me I’ve become less attached and I’m playing hard to get (he made a sarcastic joke out of it) I said that it’s not true 

Anyways I’ve still been kind to him. Talked to him here and there but now I see he has disappeared. He tried to get a reaction out of me by changing his pics but I didn’t react. And now he’s deleted his account

Will he ever change? 

Either way I’m not putting in any more efforts and continuing to walk ...

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    Cannot force a relationship. He is not ready or even sure about you. You have decide if you want to waste time with him or not.

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  • 1 month ago

    He sounds about 12. You sound about 8. Playing games, manipulating, whiney, needy, hard work. He's bored of you, and I don't blame him.  

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