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Fecal impaction?

MY stool is wayyyy to thick to pass and I just can't seem to go, I've had constipation for 7-8 months, and I've always had pain when I was able to go, sometimes a really bad burning pain or there was blood (i've had either of these every single time I went). Now I just can't go.  I managed to get a bit out (SUPER PAINFULLY) and it was probably around 2 inches thick. Should I check a doctor? What could I have?

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    Yes that's faecal impaction. When it happened to me I was advised to take Dulcoease (docusate sodium) which is a stool softener as well as glycerin suppositories. The nurse wanted me to go to the emergency department to have the stool manually evacuated but I wasn't happy to do that. It sounds as if you have an anal fissure as well which is causing the burning and bleeding and it won't heal until you get on top of your constipation. I was constipated because of opioids but now even though I'm no longer on them I still have issues so I take 200mg docustae sodium twice a day, I eat a high fiber diet, drink loads of water and use a prescription stimulant laxative when required. Do see your doctor as any change in bowel habits needs investigating and you've suffered long enough.

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    Drink more and avoid milk and dairy products. Drink a glass of water with salt every morning - use himalayan salt.

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