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Gf says she wants to kill her self but refuses to tell me why?

She’s being very vague and saying “it’s been years” and 

“no one needs to know”. I spent most of tonight texting her trying to get her to tell me but she refuses to and it’s actually frustrating. What am I suppose to do when my girlfriend messages me saying she WANTS to kill herself and will not tell me why?

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    If someone is all about saying they want to kill themselves, then, at that moment, call an ambulance.  She's either using that as a manipulation tactic or she's serious.  I suppose if an ambulance shows up, she will either get help if she needs it, or stop the manipulation.

    What man stays with a woman who does this anyway?  You needed to tell her parents or another family member about her threats when they first started and called an ambulance a long time ago probably.

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  • Kelley
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    4 weeks ago

    Tell her Jesus Christ loves her and He wants her to live

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Classic attention seeking. People who actually INTEND to kill themselves just do it. They don't tell people first, they just do it. Your gf is enjoying the attention, the fact you are spending most of a night trying to contact her.  If she refuses to tell you, bearing in mind she almost certainly has no intention whatsoever of doing it, then just say 'ok, fine, I've tried, you don't want to tell me, so I'll assume you just want to keep your reasons to yourself. I won't ask again'.... then change the subject. Talk about the weather, the news, anything, but let her know you are no longer interested. She's playing you, you are falling for it. 

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