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Why do Hispanic rappers use the N word in their lyrics? I thought it would **** off black people and that only blacks can say the word?


Don't the blacks get p issed when Hispanics say it? Or non blacks?

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  • Most Hispanic rappers are black or were raised in the black culture anyways. If you’re looking at someone who has had similar experiences and community issues as you then you are likely to see that you are similar peoples. Hispanics get called the n word by white people too. It’s not like they say it to be cool either, it’s a part of the culture. 

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  • Mr.412
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    1 month ago

    Hispanic is an ethnicity. A lot of Hispanics are black or have Afro-Latin heritage. Truthfully I’d be more upset if Don Lemon or Charles Barkley used the word than if David Ortiz said it. 

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    There is an issue I disagree with. There are two words that sound similar, one ending er and one with an a. They are both slang in different meanings. I do not believe either should be used by anyone because it normalizes both.

    Words should not be reserved to one people. I can accept certain humor that way, but not in casual conversation or song.

    My view is not shared by the people of color.

    Use the n i g g and add endings.

    Do not use Oxford as dictionary.

    As to whether blacks find it offensive when used by Hispanics in rap, it depends upon whether the Hispanic is an ally or considered "White People".

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