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I’m looking to start a lip care brand then eventually expand into skin care and lashes. I also want to start a fashion brand and possibly phone cases and such. When it comes time to register as an LLC - would my beauty and fashion brands be two separate brands? Or would I just register my name as an LLC and have the two brands branch off of me? Sorry if this sounds confusing, but think of Kim kardashian. She has her KKW beauty and Skims. Are they both registered as separate LLC’s or is her name, Kim Kardashian West an LLC? I’m totally new to this so if someone understands what I’m trying to say, feel free to help :) 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your dream business is a pipedream. And you probably have no assets to speak of. Therefore, if you spend for an LLC you are just wasting your money. Now, if you had assets, you'd want an LLC so nobody could sue you and take your non business assets.

    I had a business for many years. Never had an LLC because there was no benefit to me.  I had little or no personal liability from my business.

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