California Unemployment ?

As I'm sure everyone is aware, covid 19 has put a lot of us out of work. And unemployment has been slammed and next to impossible to get ahold of. Quick background to the question:

My significant other applied for unemployment when we were let go (we work at the same place). I applied, ez pz everything worked as it should have. She applied, and entered our works tax ID to claim unemployment for that company. BUT, she also gets like $100 a month from a second "job" caring for her special needs brother. Even though she put the tax ID of the job we both worked at, the unemployment portal filed it as if she put the caretaker job and not her full time job. (No, we didn't accidentally put the wrong one. The current employer came up and we filed under the right one) She's been receiving unemployment benefits from the wrong company, (she still works for the caretaker and gets paid). Which is only 80 per week vs the 300-450 she should be getting. We've called (houuurrssss), canceled, reapplied, emailed, been put on wait lists just to never be called back and nothing.So to sum it up, she's receiving unemployment from a place she's still employed and not receiving unemployment from where she's unemployed, even though we filed properly. Will she be charged overpayment for everything she's been paid considering its been from the wrong company? Will they update to the proper job and proper benefit amount and reimburse her the difference?

I appreciate all the helpful answers.

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    6 months ago

    Sounds typical of California bureaucracy (I live here too). They'll probably figure it out eventually and she may have to pay some or all of back. As you've probably witnessed this state isn't the most efficient even at the best of times but has become a complete basket case right now. 

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