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If what I do is wrong, then what is right?

These are things that I do, in response to given situations.

Situation - Oceanic cruise.

Response- Pack a cold water survival wetsuit, an inflatable ocean life raft with dome.. an ocean life vest, a tactical backpack full of first aid and over the counter medications..

And a hydration backpack...

An inflatable mattress and sleeping bag.

A GPS Satellite phone too.

Situation - In philadelphia cutting lawns with tools in a shopping cart, in a good area, but the only way back home is through a very bad neighborhood....

And sun sets before I'm finished work.

My response - to get permission to pitch a tent in the backyard of my last customer of the day..

To sleep off the riff raff, to get home in the morning.

Situation - Travel by airplane.

My response - Buy a parachute.

Situation - The Floyd riots.

My response - To fortify the foyer

If how I respond to things is wrong..

What is right ?

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    1 month ago

    The odds of dying on a cruise ship is 1 in 6.25 million.  There's no need to carry any of those things.  As far as the second scenario, you've already asked this question.

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