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Gum abscess  ?

There was a lump at the site where my wisdom tooth was removed over 10 years ago. Over 3 days it grew from a small lump to a large pus and blood filled sac (mildly painful to the touch) which caused a low fever and headaches. The sac ruptured on its own and I drained it by squeezing out the fluids. I visited a doctor the next day and she didn’t know what it was but prescribed clindamycin antibiotic and said I need to see a dentist within the week. The next day I saw a dentist and he took an X-ray and sounded concerned when he saw the X-ray. He did not know what it was but said “there’s something going on there” and to keep taking clindamycin and see an oral surgeon. The only oral surgeon appointment I could get is a ways away and am wondering if someone could tell me if this is serious and I need to see an oral surgeon asap. The lump has reduced dramatically in size and is now just a hole, no pain, and small amounts of blood draining from it every few hours. A red mark has also appeared in the back of my mouth in close proximity to the wound.

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    When a tooth is removed the roots come out of the jawbone, this causes the jawbone to crack, often a small splinter is left behind. Over time this can either dissolve or start to work itself up to the surface causing swelling. It happened to me. A tiny cut from the dentist and it was removed.

    So don't panic.


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