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Vaping During Medical Abortion?

so im doing a prescribed medical abortion at home. is it safe for me to vape during the process??? i vape when im stressed out, so it would suck if i couldnt.

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    4 days later.....  Its too late I bet....  Generally people suck....  Stupid/rude comments always.

    Vaping is generally pretty healthy believe it or not.  Nicotine has a 1,000 ++++ yr history of helping with stress, anxiety and other things -  research it. Only in the last 15-30 did people hate it so much.

    There is no known risk when taking mifepristone and misoprostol if you vape.  We know because of the changes your body goes through being stressed, anxious or many other things is unhealthy.

    As long as you accept the risk - it is addictive.  It is going to potentially do a lot more harm if you don't vape.  There are no specific studies linking these two things.  We just know nicotine is more beneficial for women than men...  Vaping also forces us to focus on deep breathing.

    Vaping allows you control of nicotine intake.

    Certain essential oils act as an anti-inflammatory...

    Many oils in vaping help you relax/sleep

    You do it when you need; it does not harm others

    You can vape very healthy things like CBD.  There is no known specific dangers.  You absolutely should.  Being stressed/scared because of whats going on will make it all worse.

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    It's failing to suck it that got you into this situation in the first place.  Suck away.

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