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so i had a dream.. (cannibalism + murder)?

I was hanging out with my best friend & we were at an arcade where we met some twins, when i had to leave, me and one of them were walking home together. when I got to my house three men were standing outside my garage two were covered in blood, 1 of them screamed I'm gonna kill you to the non-bloody man (call him M). I thought well he was obviously trying to murder him so me and M took both the bloody men down and just went inside to the party. m and I were on cooking duty, so we are talking when M gets all creepy & starts drooling, he says he's a killer &

 tries to come at me with the knife. I just straight-up slice off his hand with my knife & I stab him 15 times all over his body, but he wouldn't go down & was in no pain. (loads of people watching passively including my parents), then says he has an artificial womb implanted in him and he's pregnant so I just stab him times in that area & he goes down. after we were discussing what to do w the body around this long table and my parents morph into Katara and Sokka from avatar. Mum suggested to cook it & the avatar was like yh I've done it loads. I'm just like wat- but I keep quiet. M's body has morphed into a woman's now and they just put it in the oven while she was alive & my dad threw water on her to make it sizzle and she started making these horrifying screams and scratching on the door. She resembled jeff the killer. I felt sick when I woke cuz the meat looked exactly like my dinner from yesterday, I was mortified.

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    1 month ago

    it means you watch too many movies. read a book or something.

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  • 1 month ago

    I really can't improve on the answer that "Good Man" gave to you.  She was right on target. 

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  • 1 month ago

    People often dream of eating their own flesh if they are undernourished or starving. ... Being the victim of cannibalism might show that you feel “eaten alive” by work, a relationship, or a condition in your life. Like incest and murder cannibalism expresses the worst form of what is forbidden.

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