What is the best piece of transfer business ever done by 'your' football club?

At Blackburn Rovers it has to be Shearer bought for £3.6M.

Helped us win the league.

Then sold for a then world record £15M.

He's still a 'Judas' though(ha ha).

It ruined my holiday that summer we sold him.

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    7 months ago
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    Gillingham got Tony Cascarino from non league Crockenhill for a set of tracksuits and sold him to Millwall for £225 000.

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    Eto'o to Inter.

    By 2009, Ibrahimovic and Eto’o were two of the best strikers in the world and playing for two European giants in Inter Milan and Barcelona.

    The Spanish club had just won the treble with Eto’o scoring in the Champions League final, but Pep Guardiola still wasn’t content and gave Inter £35million plus Eto’o to land Ibrahimovic.

    Guardiola may be one of the best managers of all time, but he got this one badly wrong. Eto’o transformed Inter, helped them beat Barca in the Champions League semi-final, and then led the Italians to a treble of their own in 2010.

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    Have to disagree with the Shearer statement, Colin Hendry for 700k then sold for £4m at the age of 33 was a better deal IMO.

    Spurs are the Gods of this game, it is why they always end up in the black with transfers. There isn't a team that can touch us on this;

    Robbie Keane, bought for £9m Sold for £21m then bought back for £12m…pretty much got him for free, with Liverpool covering the cost.

    Darren Bent Bought for £16.5m..sold for £16.5m including add on’s THEN we took 50% of the £24m Villa sold him for…crazy.

    Gareth Bale, bought for £10m plus add ones sold for £90m…FYI we still get a % if Bale is ever sold back to and a PL team.

    Dele Ali, £10m including add ons.

    Eric Dyer £1.5m

    Tripper bought for £1.5m sold for £20m.

    Kylie Walker bought  £4m sold for £50m

    The list is endless.

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    8 months ago

    Leeds bought Eric Cantona for £1.35 and sold him to Man Utd for £1.62 plus all his baggage,infidelity,back stabbing and kung fu kicks 

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    I would imagine for my club Cork City it would be when we sold Sean Maguire and Kevin O' Connor to Preston as well as Alan Browne a few years before also to Preston. In the case of Maguire and Browne release clauses were included which Cork then had to sell to Preston to pay off debts. It's hard to actually say because most transfers to do with League of Ireland players are undisclosed but I would imagine the fee paid for Maguire must have been pretty good considering he was the main reason we were so far ahead in the league that season thanks to his goals. After Maguire and O'Connor were sold we lost our form but still did enough to get over the line and win the league. He was also a massive part of the team who won the FAI Cup the season before. So for a player like him who had goals in him we must have got a decent amount for him and combine that with the release clause we had to sell to Preston we made some good money off him but with LOI clubs you lose that money almost right away. Only Dundalk are in a position here where they can actually hold on to their money because they've dominated the league so they get some nice champions league money every year and they had that season where they just missed out on the CL group stage and had to settle for the Europa League where they performed better than anyone expected it was great. One player who's fee we know for sure is Brian Lenihan who was sold to Hull for around 250 thousand euro but the poor guy was forced to retire 2 years ago due to injuries.  2 more players worth mentioning are Kevin Doyle and Shane Long to Reading. I'm not sure how much they cost but I think in Doyle's case it was over 100 thousand. And for Irish players those two have achieved a lot in the game. Doyle was a decent prem striker loved by every fan when he played for the country got to experience MLS football as well before he retired after suffering too many head injuries. With Long obviously he is still surviving as a prem player somehow Martin can tell us if they appreciate his work rate down in the south of England and he can now boast he has scored the fastest goal in EPL history! Another player who served his country well will never forget that goal he scored against world champions Germany to give us a 1-0 victory.

    Sorry I can't be arsed to delete stuff now but I got a thought in my head about Roy O'Donovan who signed for Roy Keane's Sunderland and the fee was 500,000 euro. It didn't work out for him at Sunderland but that was massive money at the time for a LOI player and that might still be the case so sorry about that big chunk of text there but O'Donovan might be the answer. Anyway hope you had some fun learning about the league of ireland and cork city!

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    It ruin my day when we sold shearer to blackburn what kind of a player do get for 3.6M these days

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