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Let's assume that you're an African-American better yet an African-American player in the NFL: How'd you feel about Brees's initial comments?

I would therefore appreciate two separate answers.

PS: If you're not aware of what he said, ignore this OR read up on his comments about possible kneeling before replying.

bq: What's your background and who do you plan on voting for in 2020 ?

bq2: How would you evaluate Trump as " president " as of June 5, 2020 or whenever you answered these questions ?


bq3: How do you feel about Brees's follow up comments and apology ?

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    I can't put myself in a black person's shoes because that isn't my life.  But I do think we have a serious issue with police accountability in this country wherein bad apples are allowed to remain in uniform even as incident after incident showing that they don't belong rolls in and they go unpunished because the police union protects them.  These protests aren't anger over ONE incident.  They're protests over an institutional failing wherein misbehavior is CONSISTENTLY allowed to happen with no consequences unless outside pressure is brought to bear.  Read up on the Walter Scott and Laquan MacDonald incidents if you want to see the clearest examples of how those two murdering officers had long histories of excessive force, were protected by co-workers and their departments engaged in coverups to protect them until outside agents forced the truth into the open.

    I think the opposite is ALSO a problem.  We have officers who do it right, but get caught up in some media incited firestorm and never get their reputations back.  Officer Wilson of the famous Michael Brown incident had his story largely verified by the forensic evidence.  The whole idea that Brown a peaceful kid who was surrendering when Wilson shot him dead is 100% false in every respect according to the forensics.  But Wilson is still held up as the poster child of an out of control cop.

    So the problem goes both ways.  Neither side should be satisfied with the status quo.  We need solutions to BALANCE accountability for the bad apples with due process protections for the good apples.  

    I think that Brees should have said something like that when criticizing the kneeling protests.  He needed to make clear that he understood the issue BEHIND the protests and sympathized with it, but that he simply disagreed with the use of the flag as the mechanism for the protest.

    My background is that I'm a college grad, white, male, and working in IT.  I don't have a plan for how I'm going to vote in 2020 yet.  I don't like either of the mainstream candidates.  I haven't liked either party's candidate since...well, since I've been old enough to care about politics.  I WOULD have voted Reagan in 86 were I old enough, and in retrospect, I should have liked Clinton more than I did...I didn't like him at the time, but I was young and my standards were too high.  I'll probably end up voting for whatever loser the Libertarian Party trots out because I don't live in a swing state, so my vote doesn't matter.

    I think Trump has been a mixed bag.  He's done some things that were good...very good.  But he's also done some things I dislike quite a lot.  I feel uneasy with him as President because it's clear that he's the equivalent of the 'low information voter' who goes to the polls with no idea what the issues are and largely just votes for the ones who seem charismatic...only this low information voter is the freakin' President.  

    I think Trump often gets WAY more criticism than he deserves because the press is extremely dedicated to the political goal of ousting him, and I think that reflects more on how completely non-credible they've become than it does on Trump's many failings.  And he has many failings.  

    If the Democrats had nominated someone good, I'd probably be casting my first major party vote for President in my lifetime.  But I'm not convinced Biden is that guy.  Better than Bernie or Liz, for sure...but not good.  Biden's going to have to pick a really good VP to earn my vote, and it sounds like he's not going to do that.

    As to Brees' apology...I don't feel like he owed me one.  Or anyone.  He expressed an opinion.  That people get so bent out of shape that not everyone agrees with their viewpoint that they are trying to eradicate other points of view is a sign of how fragile people have become.  If you disagree with Brees, fine.  Do so.  And then get on with your life.  The level of screaming and agonizing that follows every expression of dissent from the media approved line is just awful these days.

    BTW, this question has nothing to do with football despite Brees being involved.  Please move it to the politics section.

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