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I understand Colin Kapernick’s reason for kneeling during the national anthem, but why during the national anthem? Is reason best exposure? ?

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  • Jeff
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    4 months ago

    What is his reason for not kneeling during the anthem when he was in the Super Bowl?  Did he not care about injustice back then or does he claim he didn't know about it?  He didn't start kneeling until he was benched and his days in the NFL were numbered because his skills diminished so badly.

  • 4 months ago

    Because, and this is not well publicized, originally it wasn't about police violence.  Kaepernick didn't stand for the anthem because he was having a temper tantrum about being benched.  His teammates initially claimed that was what it was about.  It was only when he was asked about it later that he made up the protest angle and everyone got on board with that.

    Think about it, not only is the national anthem a dumb way to protest police violence (it instantly alienates everyone with patriotic feelings or military allegiences), but he also did not involve more than himself.  If you were REALLY protesting something and trying to make a difference, wouldn't you pick something that would be MORE LIKELY to be noticed by everyone, and wouldn't you involve your entire team rather than just yourself?

    There's ANY NUMBER of better ways to go about this that would have been more assured of gaining attention, and would have alienated fewer people - thereby gaining support for the cause.  He's on NATIONAL TELEVISION after all.  It was largely LUCK that anyone noticed or bothered to make a big deal out of it.  That it snowballed the way it did easily might not have happened.

    No, he was just sulking and didn't want to stand, and then had the presence of mind to come up with a great lie to cover for it later.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    At the time, football was still a great sport and millions were watching. He wanted his little "play" to be seen by as many fans as possible.

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