Can a gas tank with a leak from the seam be repaired?  How?

I took my 2000 mustang with a fuel leak to the shop, they said it's leaking from the seam on the passenger side of the tank (which I already knew), and said they could only replace the tank for about $1000.  Is this really not possible to fix? 

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  • Barry
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    5 months ago
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    Gas tanks can be repaired by people who know what they are doing. They remove the tank after draining it. Then they pump steam through it to remove all traces of gas. Then it can be safely repaired. All this assumes that there is enough metal present in the leaking area to weld. Google 'gas tank repairs' in your area and ask for an estimate.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Shop do not want to get sued for a "non-standard repair" and welding a fuel tank is dangerous.  A $1000 bill to replace it is a bit steep though.

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