How much biking/day would be considered ‘athletic’?

Is 10km/day a good beginner amount for an athlete or is that too little?

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  • 6 months ago
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    What do you consider "athletic?"  People who ride bikes for exercise often ride 30+ km on a ride, but they don't do that every day -- more like once or twice a week. Professional cyclists usually only ride about 10-12 hours a week for training.

    If you've never ridden much or at all, 1K might be a good start.  If you can ride 10K and not feel tired, then you can probably go father -- at least on some days. If it takes you 2 hours to go 5K, that's probably more than enough. What makes you athletic isn't so much the distance, but the distance combined with the terrain and your speed.  If you are riding for fitness, focus more on time -- like a hour of riding, and increase your distance and your strength and endurance allow. 

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