What was Mexico like in the 1950s?

Nowadays, Mexico is arguably one of the more dangerous countries in the world, if not definitely in North America. But surely this wasn't always the case right? Were the Cartels a thing in the 50s? Or drug wars or political corruption of any sort around? Basically, what was life in Mexico like in this era? Was it still dangerous with crime ridden cities or was it an international attraction that many saw as safer to visit?

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  • 2 months ago

    Most of Mexico is still safer than most of the US. The dangerous area is along the border. The cartels don't deal drugs much in Mexico- they are interested in the US market. In the 1970 and 80, most were based in Colombia. But Colombia moved them out, so now they're in Mexico. The rest of Mexico is lovely, with much less violent crime than the US. That's why, for example, San Miguel de Allende is a very popular retirement area, and was named one of the best cities in the world by a travel magazine last year. Unfortunately, many people in the US have the same misinformation and misguided impressions that you have, so they don't visit other areas of Mexico. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    that was before the drug lords took-over, so it was a quite rural country .........................

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