What Zodiac Sign Does She Sound Like ?

She is cheerfull, possitive  , quirky  , sensitive 

She is fun loving  ,   

She fall down after that will stand up

She is sensitive 

She  will admit her mistake 

She does NOT push blame 

She is fun loving 

She is ditzy 

She like healing others 

She is unjudgemental 

She is down to earth 

She is patience 

She is romantic 

She is NOT money minded 

She is quirky 

She easily laugh and easily touched 

and happy also cry 

She love baking and  sharing food with others 

She believes people are born good

She is NOT money minded 

She is a great dancer 

She is polite even  you accidently spill soup at her 

She won't be angry and said it's okay 

She is gentle 

She angry will just said stop it

She love giggling  

She NOT funny also  laugh one 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Pick one.  You've got an 8.33% of being right.

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