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Which has had a more negative impact upon the world as a whole, Islam or the USA?

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    Currently its neither of them.. IT IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY..

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    2 months ago

    I hate both Islam and USA. Is there a problem?

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    If you were attempting to write a college thesis, hiding behind anonymous, most accredited college classes' professors would reject this poorly conceived question as a premise for any type of scholarly work.  

    How do you define "negative impact," for example, and in what specific contexts?  Over what period of time or during which year, decade, or century would this supposed "negative impact" have occurred...and to what end?  How do you define the nonspecific "the world"?  All 181 countries, perhaps...or just the developed nations?  There are roughly 2.8 billion human beings who practice the Islamic faith, many of them in the Melting Pot United States, so what provisions have you made for extraneous variables in seeking to explore your hypotheses of "negative impact" or the dichotomy of Islam and the U.S. is if those two entities are not at times interactive or even interchangeable.  

    Here is a little "food for thought" to open your mind: Muslims were the world's first successful capitalists.  Why?  Because their holy book, the Quran, prohibits greed---something from which our own capitalists could benefit from knowing. The Bush/Cheney ILLEGAL 2003 invasion of a sleeping Iraq (a Muslim nation) killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people (both Americans and the Iraqi), which could be said to have harmed us (we became a terrorist nation, for example) and the world---but the long-term effects and the destabilization this ILLEGAL INVASION has wrought are still unknown.  Perhaps this ugly time in the lawless Bush/Cheney/GOP totalitarian days between 2001 and 2008 will make us a better, more compassionate nation in ways that benefit the entire world.  But we now have an ugly-mean lifts-wearing sociopathic imposter despot at the helm of the U.S. who is deeply mobbed up, incompetent to the max, in debt to a corrupt and corrupting tiny tyrant Putin, and so full of repressed self-loathing that he resorts to PROJECTING all of his own bug-ugly failures and flaws off onto ENVIED innocent others (be it nations or individuals who are smarter and more popular than he is).  Will this ugly orange Eden-snake man be allowed to negative impact our nation or our world---or will he be so thoroughly awful that he unites us against him (see the Lincoln Project online, founded by Republicans Rick Wilson and Kellyanne Conway's attorney husband George Conway)?  Time will tell.

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    Islam is a religion that has been around for 1,400 years and improved the rights of the poor, children, needy and improved equality and provided law and order to an unstable Arabia.

    Under many Muslim Empires there was better infrastructure, jobs, education for all, freedom of religion, equality and law & order.

    In America you guys are not taught religious education and about the history of Islam. 

    There are plenty of books out there you can read. I think it’s important that Americans educate themselves because they are just so ignorant despite being a first world nation. 

    Also, America & Europe created Islamic terrorism. 

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  • Jeff
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    2 months ago

    Islam, without the USA Hitler would have won WW2 which of course would have been preferable for Muslims who admire Hitler.

  • 2 months ago

    Islam is a religion. The US is just a nation. Hundred of millions of people have been enslaved or killed under islamic rule. 100's of millions have prospered and thrived around the entire world because of US policies, innovations and generosity.

  • 2 months ago

    Why do you hate Islam?

  • 2 months ago

    If the entire world doesn't quit shedding innocent blood, God will give us ONLY blood to drink.  Revelation 16:6  The whole world needs to repent of their wicked ways.

  • 2 months ago

    Islam has had a more negative impact upon the world. It is a fact of history that The World is a much safer and sure place when The United States takes an active role in that security. 

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