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Help! please ?

Why the enhanced greenhouse effect, including the rise in average global temperature, began after the Industrial Revolution?

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    The large increase of factories and the use of steam trains caused more greenhouse gases to be emitted into the atmosphere.  This increase accelerated the heating of the earth.

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    Because all the mad scientists who lived in those days had each invented - totally coincidentally - a "doomsday-machine" which, when pointed at the sun, turned it all the way up to "11" and made it much hotter. Hope this helped with your idiotic question.

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    Mostly the burning of hydro-carbons, like coal.  The new plants needed loads of power, which was provided by burning coal.  This also released a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, which began the global warming thing that led to climate change.  While this began in the mid-1800's (roughly), the amounts of CO2 produced has steadily increased, as burning fuels has become such a major thing.

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