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2020 Triple Crown?

What do you think of the plans for this years Triple Crown races, with the Belmont going first at a shortened 1 1/8 miles, the Derby second, and the Preakness last?


How do you think this will affect the horses?  Any qualms about lack of training time, etc.?

Is this Triple Crown, with a shortened Belmont, the same challenge as historic ones?  Or will a potential winner always have an asterisk by his name?

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    I take nothing away from Tiz the Law, who won the shortened Belmont last Saturday. He's a fine colt, one of the best of this year's crop of 3 year olds, and he deserved to win. But unfortunately, his win there proved absolutely NOTHING. We already KNEW he could run a 9 furlong race- he did that when he won the Florida Derby in March. So he's never really been tested at a longer distance, and he won't be until he runs in the Travers at Saratoga in early August. At that race, he will finally get his chance to show the world if he's able to go 10 furlongs and win or not. They won't shorten the Travers the way they did the Belmont, because it's not part of the Triple Crown.

    And personally, I think the way the Triple Crown has been handled this year is pretty dammed stupid. If the NYRA and the Jockey Club (neither of which are known for their ability to use common sense) had been smart, they would have kept the five week format intact and scheduled the Preakness for September 19 and the Belmont for October 10. That would have meant we'd have had an autumn Triple Crown instead of a spring one, which would have been just fine. They should have left the Belmont's distance ALONE, too, and not shortened it. Instead, however, they turned the Belmont into a Kentucky Derby PREP RACE. The race last Saturday didn't even have 2 TURNS in it, and all of these horses will have to face that later in the season. That was hardly fair to them. Now, even IF by some chance Tiz the Law does win the other two races, he will have to have a big fat asterisk by his name in the record books, because he won't have run a true Triple Crown series. That's unfortunate as well, because it will have a negative impact on the colt's future breeding career, even if he is successful at winning other races like the Dubai World Cup later on.

    No, the TC could have been handled and executed far better than it was, even with the pandemic and economic crisis.

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    I'm happy that there's actually a plan. It's definitely a huge change. I'm wondering how the Breeder's Cup is going to be handled this year. Maybe in January. I agree that it's good for the horses and the industry that they keep things moving forward. I happy they shorted the distance in the Belmont. I, also, feel they should limited the field to 14 in the Kentucky Derby too. I guess we shall see what becomes of that as we proceed. I have a feeling things aren't going to be as we once knew, but we'll just have to adapt to these life changes.

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    I'm OK with it too. It's better than no racing at all, as mentioned. These beautiful Thoroughbreds need to do what they do best, and that is to work out routinely and to run these special races. It's good for the industry and all those who depend on it as well. The Triple Crown has been obviously altered from their traditional sequence due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current schedule would start with the Belmont Stakes, on June 20 at the shortened distance of 1 1/8 miles, as indicated. The Kentucky Derby is then to follow on September 5, and finally the Preakness on October 3.

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    Personally I think any racing is better than no racing.   We in the UK are back racing again, but it's VERY strange with no crowds, no owners, no after-race presentation and no cheering when the winner comes back to the paddock, plus the difficulties of riders from outside the UK unable to come in without quarantining for 14 days on arrival.   We've just had the 2000 and 1000 gns., the first Classics, at Newmarket - very odd but great to see some good racing.   We have Royal Ascot coming up - with again none of the frills, no carriage procession and of course, no spectators etc.   But it is racing and those organising how it has to be done, are to be congratulated.  At least I have something to watch on TV again!

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    It's a one time thing caused by the virus. It's fine with me.

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