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 my family wants me to spend more time outside my room?

so im in my room alot i geuss. and they want me to spend time with them more. which is fair. but i find it so boring. and i dont feel comfortable using my device around them even though im not watching something innapropriate. and we did spend time going to the grocery store together, and going shoe shopping today. anyways, ill gladly come out of my room but, is there any way for it to be less boring? i dont want to watch tv. i told my family that its boring out of my room and they replied "i dont have to entertain you! so you have to be entertained or else your bored?" and then got mad at me. i geuss that was rude. im asking how to not be bored, because i genuienly want to leave my room more and spend time with them but i feel bored when i do.

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  • Larry
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    1 week ago

    Depending on how old you are most teenager always want to stay in their room to get away from their parent's. You have everything you need to entertain yourself. Having meals with your parents, going out to dinner with them, watching a movie with them (a movie of your choice) once in awhile should be sufficient. If it's not, then it's their problem, not yours.

  • 2 months ago

     I'm forty, and I remember when I was young my family and I had certain things that we did together as a family, like playing Scrabble, or chess, or watched a movie that we all agreed on. Sometimes I was not into spending time with them, now as an adult though, those family games and times were wonderful, and unfortunate circumstances  in life have led to  my family being very  withdrawn and seperate. Enjoy what time you can with them now, you may never have this family time again, and might really regret  not having it later in life.

  • 3 months ago

    I wish my son would spend less time in his room also, but we have been in almost 4 months of lockdown, and he has all his gaming devices in there, so completely get that.  When we were younger we would have been lucky to have a spare television and that was it.  We didn't have any video games, online entertainment or even mobile (cell) phones etc.  So staying in our rooms was pretty boring, getting your homework done, hobbies, crafts or reading.  My Father didn't seem to like me reading so much either!  That was it.  We could not utter the word "bored" or my Father would say he had the cure for that (weeding) so we were quite good at not being bored!  My brothers would even ask me to play Monopoly or Chess sometimes, they were that desperate!  When fireworks were available we would spend all our pocket money on all manner of explosive projects ... fortunately we never did any lasting damage (did know of one bright spark who used to blow up letter boxes!  I know another who blew up his parents garage by accident.)  We did spend more time going out with our friends, on bikes, horseriding, fishing, listening to music, parties etc.  We had better social activities and sports than young people have today.  We would probably do the same as you if we were young in the same circumstances though; I totally get that.  Basically your family misses you and wants to spend more time with you.  That really cannot be a bad thing.  I would suggest you try to find some time to spend with them too, even if they are totally boring.  See if you can get them involved with some of your games even.  

  • 7 months ago

    maybe you can try cooking or baking with them? search up some tutorials and try. I tried baking a cake with them, and its quite entertaining. Maybe you and your family will like it too =)

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  • drip
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    7 months ago

    Ok so what do you expect them to do for you so you are not bored?  

    You all can’t have a conversation?  Talk about music, sports, movies, books, politics. Ask them about their day. Talk. Find out thing they liked. Ask them about your heritage, grandparents great grandparents.   How about cook a meal with your parents. Start a project together. Build something, plant a garden, refinish a piece of furniture, get a puzzle started. Play a board game. Play cards.

    Bake dessert. You don’t have to be right next to them. You would be out of your room, doing something for everyone. Help clean the kitchen with one of them. 

  • 7 months ago

    you have an addiction...but you are a its really not a huge deal...just watch out for certain behaviours that make you want to do nothing but play video games or watch porn 

  • Alex
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    7 months ago

    I dont blame you there are parents who dont like to spend time with their kids. I know it might sound boring but have you thought of reading a book? There are many interesting subject. You can maybe even try some little scientific projects just for the fvck of it who knows maybe you might like. Try making your own little rocket and if you set the backyard on fire atleast you can just smile at them and tell them you were trying to entertain yourself. 

  • martin
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    7 months ago

    Many students your age like to remain in their rooms with their computers.  It's perfectly natural to have this unfortunate friction with the adults in the family who cannot understand and take it as a sign that you don't like them.

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