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If the Canadian border is closed, is Portland worth a visit from Seattle?

I've heard rumors that the Canadian border may remain closed till the end of July. I'm travelling to Seattle in early August and wanted to visit Vancouver as well. If the Canadian border is closed is it worth travelling to Portland for a week. My entire trip lasts about 13 days. Or should I consider cancelling it because Vancouver is worth visiting while you are there and I should schedule for another time.

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  • It's just a rumor, for now you never know what officials will decide to do to help prevent spreading covid 19. They may extend the boarder closing for another month. Only essential travel is allowed through the boarder. Reschedule your Vancouver trip for another time. If you're allowed to go to Portland then do so if you want to, but check on what local health officials are saying to do before you leave. 

    If I was in the US, and I didn't have to travel I would be travelling any where right now. Some places have quarantine / self isolation orders for 14 days after you arrive and when you get home. 

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    Those are not rumors, they're true.

    Canada and the United States are set to extend a ban on non-essential travel to late July as both countries seek to control the spread of the coronavirus, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

    Washington and Ottawa introduced month-long restrictions in March and renewed them in April and May. The ban, currently due to expire on June 21, does not affect trade.

    Canadian and U.S. sources said although the governments had not yet taken a final decision, a further extension was highly likely.

    If you want to ask about travel within the US, then ask in the US section, which this is not.

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    It aint no rumour.  The border will remain closed until at least then.  AND when it first opens you are likely expected to self isolate for 2 weeks when entering Canada and possibly again when returning to the USA.  As in, when the border reopens it really isn't going to be for tourism.

    As someone from BC, I love to visit Portland and and Seattle, (and Vancouver BC).  I don't want to compare them against each other, but a Portland and Seattle 2 week trip sounds great.  Wish I was going.

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    You might have to ask in an American forum.  This one is about travelling to Canada, although many general Canada questions end up here as well.

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    Vancouver is much more interesting.  Portland isn't a vacation hot spot.

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