Strange coincidence?

I was walking through my local town, and my mind wandered to my first school. There was a young girl there that I thought was gorgeous. I was only five and she was about the same. One day she never came to school and I was told that she had changed schools. I was remembering how upset I was. She always had very well pleated hair and was always smart. As I thought about her, I turned a corner and passed a dry cleaners. I glimpsed in the window and there was a female with her back to me with exactly the same pleated hair. I got a shock at first but told myself, she wasn't going to be walking about with the same pleated hair as she did at 5 years old, as she would be 45 then. She turned a little and of course it was not her. I walked further up the street,laughing at myself for thinking that way. I turned the corner of a prefab building and bumped into someone. She turned and said sorry. It was her. I just stood there pointing at her with my mouth open. She must have thought me crazy. She didn't recognise me and walked on. She still looked gorgeous.

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  • Dr. NG
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    6 months ago
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    Perhaps she did recognize you and that's why she walked on. It's probably a case of  déjà vu rather than coincidence. It seems unlikely to me that you would recognize a 45-year-old woman by the memory of a child of 5 especially after 40 years.

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