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Do metal watches get uncomfortably hot in summer?

If I'm travelling, should I stick to a rubber or plastic watch or is it safe to wear a steel watch?

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    I've been wearing metal watches with metal linked watchbands for years. And never have they gotten noticeably hot.  And I lived in Vietnam and Sicily for a year each; those are hot sunny places.  And I lived more than three years in the hot and humid deep south, FL and LA.  Again no heat.

    I think you'll find that the sun actually reflects off that metal.  So the sunlight does not get absorbed and cause the watches and bands to heat up.  If you were to wear dark metal watches and bands, that might give you some heat because sunlight would be absorbed rather than reflected.

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    They can get hot if they are sitting in the sun and not on your wrist.  If they are on your write, you're fine.

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    you watch is usually under your cuff, they don't get hot and if they do you can survive a warm watch   :)

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