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What to do for Disney world vacation for next year?

We’re going with two 8 year olds.

Day1- check in and chill at the resort

Day 2-magic kingdom all day

Day3- typhoon lagoon 1/2 day & animal kingdom 1/2 day

Day4- hollywood studios

Day5- beach day aka chill day before we leave 

Day6- check out.

Is that too much or should some things be taken out? Help, this is my first time doing this! Also, on Day 3 should we do the waterpark first or animal kingdom first. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Which resort are you staying at and what time to you get in?  I would maybe take some time to head to Disney Springs on day 1 if you get in early enough.  Be a great place to get a meal

  • Cammie
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    2 months ago

    That is way too much for two eight year old's to do.One park per day.Don't worry about doing every thing just think about fun a little at a time. Make sure the kids get the sleep time they need.You can make reservations for meal now now if you are planned well.  There are zillions of books and sites to help you plan your vacation.If you plan to use Disney transportation, the time it takes to get from one place to another is triple the time you expect .Have fun.

  • MS
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    2 months ago

    A few things to mention:

    *Animal Kingdom usually closes earlier than other parks (and earlier than the water parks even),so I would do it first if you plan to combine it with something else that day.  Also, the animals are more active in the morning.  I would check and see what you want to do there because it has become a larger park in the more recent years; while it was often just a half-day park, it can now take much longer to explore. 

    *I assume you are intentionally leaving out EPCOT.  My kids were hit or miss with EPCOT at that age, so I understand that.  Just wanted you to be aware that there is another Disney park.  

    *Be aware that the nearest beaches are over an hour away from Disney.  You might want to do a water park day on this beach day and save yourself the travel.  That also allows you a full day at Animal Kingdom.

    *Consider Disney Springs on your first day. It’s a good place for dinner and some easy fun. 

    I think this is a good plan though.

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    You may find water parks are not open next year. So come up with a plan B. 

    Depending on what time you get in, instead of spending hours at the resort go to Disney Springs. Even if you only walk around it for a n hour at night,

    I agree a half day at Animal Kingdom isn’t enough. I would spend the day there. 

    Go to the resort’s pool in the morning or evening. Go to Disney Spring at least once at night. 

    A beach day at what beach?

    A one day ticket to a water park for then 4 of you will cost $264.  You will only be at the water park a half day. And you are spending your park ticket to only be at the park for a half day. Doesn’t make financial sense. Spend a full day at Animal Kingdom. Spend your Beach day at the water park.

    Realize that with 8 year olds they will get tried.  Average guests walks at least 12 miles at a Disney park. 

    At Magic Kingdom we go to the Carousel of Progress to rest. It is cool and dark inside and usually not much of a line. My kids also like to rest by going on the people movers in Tomorrowland.   Fun,  breezy and line moves fast.

    At Animal Kingdom see the shows. A great way to rest and the shows are fantastic. Finding Nemo was a like a mini Broadway  musical.   There is a little outside bird show hidden at the back of the park.  Don’t rush through AK. There is a lot to see there. 

    If staying at a Disney resort plan on it taking an hour to wait for the bus/monorail and get to the park gate, then inside.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You're not going to be able to shoot many animals if you only spend 1/2 day at the Animal Kingdom. 

  • 2 months ago

    Don’t chill during the first day. Sleep on the plane and arrive there early so you can hit the parks running. 

    Make sure you sign up for fast pass so you don’t waste valuable time waiting in line. 

    Small World is a fast moving line so don’t waste your 3 passes it. Tomorrowland is pretty fast. 

    Haunted Mansion is medium speed. 

    I would use fast pass for splash mountain and space mountain. 

    Use day 5 for Epcot.  If you have a meal plan, this is the place to use your snack plan. There are so many good food throughout the park.

    There are lots of rides for kids at Epcot. If they’re boys, they might like the design your race car ride (forgot the name). Soarin might be a little scary if you have acrophobia. It’s like you’re flying on Wonder Woman’s see-thru jet. There’s also a go cart that they can drive. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I think you need a full day at the animal kingdom, itès a truly wonderful park, very well designed. I could care less about the waterpark, I waited 3 hours to go on 1 slide and walked away with a 2 degree sunburn, had 1000 blisters on my back for the rest of the week, Also Maybe look into Universal Studio? its another amazing theme park and if you get there early you can get it all done in about half a day, not much waiting for lines early in the day, i'd say universal studios is better than any 1 Disney park for attractions.

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