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Physics Homework Help?

1.  Artemis shoots an arrow at a target that is a horizontal distance d = 85 m away; the bull’s-eye of the target is at same height as the release height of the arrow. At what angle, in degrees above the horizontal, must the arrow be released to hit the bull’s-eye if the arrow's initial speed is 38 m/s?  

2. Apollo 14 astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. used an improvised six-iron to strike two golf balls while on the Fra Mauro region of the moon’s surface, making what some consider the longest golf drive in history. Assume one of the golf balls was struck with initial velocity v0 = 27 m/s at an angle θ = 34° above the horizontal. The gravitational acceleration on the moon’s surface is approximately 1/6 that on the earth’s surface. Use a Cartesian coordinate system with the origin at the ball's initial position.What horizontal distance, R in meters, did this golf ball travel before returning to the lunar surface? What is the numeric value of the ratio, f, of the horizontal distance traveled on the moon to the horizontal distance the ball would travel on Earth’s surface under the same conditions? 

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