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Is it obvious that I'm just looking for a reason to talk to my ex if I ask her to give me back a pair of socks I left at her place?

Does it come across as desperate? We broke up three weeks ago and we haven't had any contact since. I'm just looking for a reason to contact her.

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    Yes it will be obvious. If you want to talk to her, be upfront and talk to her. Just don't lose sight of the fact that you split up for a reason.

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    wahahah, yes very desperate. 

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    Absolutely desperate, it's a pair of socks for f*cks sake, just buy a new pair

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    Yeah, the socks excuse is dumb, but it might be entertaining for both of you if you contact her and say you’d wanted to use the socks as an excuse to re-engage with her. 

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  • 7 months ago

    Yes it's obvious unless she's a total halfwit, and it comes across as desperate if she's prone to think of you that way, and otherwise not.

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    Yes it will be obvious. Only do it if you were the one to break it off. If it was her that broke it off then dude, if you really want to give yourself no chance of ever getting back together then sure, ask her for the socks.

    Every experienced man who knows the way women work will tell you, if she broke it off, you are not to contact her in any way shape or form. And that also means not looking her up on social media or even talking to anyone else about it.

    You have to work on the woman's time if you want any chance. That means you have to wait until she contacts you. 

    When she does, that means she wants to see you, so you ask her when she is free. Then you are not to bring the relationship up at all, your job is to make sure she has a great time. If she says anything about just being friends then it's only then that you can say "I'm not interested in just being friends, I'm in this for more than friendship so until you see it that way then it's best we part ways." And when you say this, mean it. 

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    Yes.  Asking for a pair of socks is obviously looking for a reason to talk to her.

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