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I got a false positive... ?

Last month I tested positive I took a test a few days later it came out negative I tested again a week later and it came out negative again. It broke my heart seeing the negative test results me and my boyfriend have been together for four years and we did want to wait a little before having a baby since we just graduated college but when my first test came out positive I felt such a warm feeling in my heart I felt happy and now that’s all I think about I feel sad because of how the other two test turned out.. this is the first time this happened to me... how do you handle this feeling? At times I don’t know if it’s wrong for wanting a baby at this age I’m 21 and I know being a mom is not easy and especially with everything going on. I understand it’s a huge responsibility I work with children seeing them grow and learn makes me happy and I want to be able to raise my own. My boyfriend isn’t ready either and I’m respecting his decision but that moment just felt so beautiful. Has anyone gone through his feeling/experience? 

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